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September 1st, 2011 at 11:31 AM EST | by

Madden NFL 12 For iPad Delivers A Touchdown

While the iPad brings plenty of fun little time waster games, there are very few immersive sports games. Among that small population there are even fewer great football games. That is why it was so exciting when the latest version of Madden was released for the iPad. Madden has long been one of the best football video games on the planet and while the iPad version of Madden NFL 12 isn’t as immersing as the console version it certainly takes the cake when it comes to iPad football games.

When first starting up the game you will be asked to pick your favorite team. This team will serve as your first choice when using either Play Now, Season, or Playoffs. Of course if you want to play as any other team in the NFL you simply need to swipe to that team in order to choose it. One of the coolest things about this game is that much like the regular console version the rosters will update, giving you as accurate a roster when you start up the game as humanly possible. Of course there are still some odd kinks to work out there. The rosters right now reflect training camp rosters so quite a few of your teams might be carrying five different quarterbacks or four tight ends.

Madden NFL 12 For iPad Delivers A Touchdown 2    Madden NFL 12 For iPad Delivers A Touchdown 3

At the moment there doesn’t seem to be a realistic 53 man roster limit so your team is basically a little too deep, but it can be fun to have that large a depth chart anyway. Of course because this is Electronic Arts and Madden NFL 12 the rosters are all the real players. Want to see if the Eagles are really the powerhouse they look like? Play with Michael Vick and see if he’s earned that $100 million contract. Want to try and see if the Bengals can field a decent team with Andy Dalton and AJ Green? You can do that too.

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The game has enough memory that you don’t need to try and play a full season in one sitting. Should you start a season or game and need to go away for a while, you’ll be able to come back right where you left off. In the actual game, you’ll see almost everything you expect from the console version, including the “Game Flow” feature that will allow the computer to pick all your plays based on the game situation. You can also get as detailed as you want as far as picking your own plays to lead your team to victory. Much like last year’s version of Madden for the iPad, the graphics leave something to be desired but there are a bit of a step up from 2011’s game.

Madden NFL 12 For iPad Delivers A Touchdown 4    Madden NFL 12 For iPad Delivers A Touchdown 5

While Madden NFL 12 for the iPad has plenty of fun solo gaming, the app also brings “Origin” which is a new addition to this year’s game. With Origin you can find friends who are also playing EA games and compare recent accomplishments. You can also post different news about your accomplishments so your friends can all feel all kinds of jealous. At $9.99, Madden NFL 12 is definitely one of the more expensive games on the iPad, but if you’re a big NFL fan and love playing with your favorite players it’s well worth it.

App Store: $9.99


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