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August 2nd, 2010 at 2:38 PM EST | by

Take advantage of these great deals.  These iPad apps once cost money to purchase, but now they’re free!

Afterwing HD $1.99 – Now FREE
Afterwing is a unique arcade style flying shooter written by a gamer with the gamer in mind. It delivers the fun of a 3D dogfighting game without the annoyance of hard-to-control aircraft “realism”. Afterwing focuses on gameplay and the player-experience with the easy to use motion controls that just work. Add to that a lock-on missile mechanism with the satisfying tone and explosion that’ll keep you addicted.

Gazebo $2.99 – Now FREE
You can now own the complete series of The Gazebo On The Go on your iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad playable anytime, anywhere!


Dilbert Mobile $3.99 – Now FREE
The official Dilbert Mobile application is now available for download! For the first time ever you can get immediate access to your daily Dilbert comic as well as the 20+ year archive of the entire Dilbert collection – all from your mobile device.

youaretheradio $1.99 – Now FREE
Instantly create your own personal radio! Live broadcast what you think or what you’re talking about. Live broadcast a game ambient, a keynote, a concert, the street sounds, the birds, or whatever you want.

bangBangBang $2.99 – Now FREE
A fun game of shooting bubbles.

FotoFrame – Digital Photo Frame $1.99 – Now FREE
View your photos from all of your favorite websites on your iPad in a gorgeous, realistic double mat frame. Connecting seamlessly to Flickr, Facebook, Picasa and your iPad’s internal library, your pictures will look beautiful on the iPad’s large screen. Other features now include slideshow speed, shuffle and email to a friend.

Chop Chop Tennis HD $1.99 – Now FREE
Play this tennis game on your iPad, while your opponent plays on their iPhone or iPod Touch. Over 1 million downloads.

Amazing Nature HD $1.99 – Now FREE
We live in an absolutely beautiful and breathtaking world. Enjoy these HD amazing pictures of nature.

DropQuotes HD $2.99 – Now FREE
The addictive word puzzle game finally comes to the iPad!


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