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June 2nd, 2011 at 8:12 AM EST | by

Infinity Blade Truly Is The King Of iPad Adventure Games

By now it appears that almost every hard core gamer using the iPad has heard of Infinity Blade, but how many have truly sat down and looked at just how good it truly is. When the app was released during the Christmas/Holiday season this past winter, there was plenty of talk about how much the game was going to change adventure gaming on the iPad for the better. It truly has.

The story of Infinity Blade, for those who haven’t rushed out and downloaded the game long ago, is that you are a hero of the land with a family that has sworn to strike down the God King no matter how many generations it might take.

Of course in order to get to the final level “boss” you need to do battle with several of his minions as you choose which path to take to the throne room. It is this journey that makes the game the most fun. As you choose the path you go down you take on these minions in sword vs. sword, hammer or axe battles. Huge monsters will swing their weapons at you with vicious force and it is up to you to dodge right, dodge left or put your shield up to block the attack. When attempting to dodge, you must dodge in the same direction the attack is coming from in order for it to be successful. Dodge in the wrong direction or put your shield up too late and you’ll get a chunk of your hit points taken off. Dodge correctly and you will get a chance to return fire with a slash of your own. As the battle continues you will also build up magical power and use a ring to attack your assailant, or simply to heal yourself.

Infinity Blade Truly Is The King Of iPad Adventure Games 2

When the battle has been won, should you win it, you will be able to upgrade your warrior with new weapons and accessories and continue on the journey. Eventually you will get to the throne room and do battle against the God King. This is where the game truly gets good. The God King is, of course, incredibly hard to defeat but should you force enough damage you will be given an offer. If you take it, the game is over; if refused, the battle is rejoined. If you eventually fall to the God King you will have to start the journey over as your own progeny desiring revenge.

Infinity Blade Truly Is The King Of iPad Adventure Games 3

While the original release was truly epic, it is the fact that Chair, the makers of Infinity Blade know that there is always improvement to be found. Just a few weeks ago the game was updated so that not only do you have access to even more helmets, weapons, shields and rings but there is now also a multiplayer mode called “The Arena.” Using Gamecenter, players may actually take on other real players in a best of three matchup where one player will serve as the hero and one the monsters that attack him. Each role has different skills and uses in The Arena. Of course, if you simply like fighting wave after wave of evil creature, the Arena also includes a survival mode where the goal is fairly obvious.

It is these new additions to an already fantastic game that make it one of the very best ever to exist on the iPad. For an incredibly modest price tag of just $2.99 it is well worth the money. If you really want to feel like you’re doing epic battle, get one of the iPad styluses and wield it like a sword across the touchscreen.

App Store $2.99


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