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September 14th, 2011 at 8:25 AM EST | by

How To Photograph An Atomic Bomb for iPad

While the iPad is mostly viewed as a mobile device that will let you play all kinds of fun little games, Apple’s tablet is capable of so much more.  One app that truly shows what the iPad can do is How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb.  The app combines some animation with sparkling black and white and color photos and plenty of back story to really show the user what it was like to be at the birth of the world’s deadliest weapon.  

History buffs will love this app because it documents a period and a place that has seemingly been glossed over by other historians.  The app isn’t skimpy either.  How to Photograph an Atomic Bomb for iPad brings you 136 pages of stunningly clear photos all taken with the best photographic technology of the time.  This particular app shows just how photographers back in the 1940’s recorded not only what the bomb going off looked like but – in one stunning representation – how the power of the weapon literally changed the landscape.  Going through over 200 photos that are included in the app, you get a real feel for what these people were trying to do and that should be something everyone gets themselves familiar with.

How To Photograph An Atomic Bomb for iPad 4

How To Photograph An Atomic Bomb for iPad 2    How To Photograph An Atomic Bomb for iPad 3

The app costs $4.99, but if you truly want to understand one of the most important periods in modern American history then it is a small price to pay.  If the movie showing the atomic detonation at Bikini Atoll doesn’t take your breath away, then you just aren’t paying attention.

App Store: $4.99


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