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September 6th, 2011 at 2:15 PM EST | by

Demolition Master 3D for iPad Brings Explosive Fun

One signature of quite a few iPad games has been that there are several games that incorporate real physics into their games. Demolition Master 3D HD for the iPad is no different, though the graphics and what you have to do are original enough that the app is worth picking up if you are on the lookout for another app. Demolition Master 3D is a game where you actually set different kind of explosive charges on wooden and metal posts and try and get the constructions to explode to the point where the materials drop below a certain level.

This is actually a combination of two different kinds of games that are fairly well represented on the iPad. Still Demolition Master 3D offers these familiar genres with a new look and a game that is actually quite addicting once you really start playing it. There are basically three different kind of charges and an almost infinite way you can plant them in order to get the reaction you are looking for. There are numerous differnet kinds of constructions you can eventually blow up with the constructs getting harder and harder as you go through the levels. There are also parts that you are not trying to destroy or that will cause you to lose should they explode.

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The game in itself is fairly simple, but because the different levels are different enough the $1.99 price tag is worth it should you be in the need for a nice little time waster that you don’t need to get 100 percent involved in.

Demolition Master 3D for iPad Brings Explosive Fun 2    Demolition Master 3D for iPad Brings Explosive Fun 4

App Store: $1.99


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