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September 8th, 2011 at 10:35 AM EST | by

Rage HD for iPad is Just Good Ole Mutant Shooting Fun

While there are plenty of iPad apps that are made to feel as though you are playing a television game show of one kind or another. There are plenty of iPad apps that are built to have you running through dark hallways and dank tunnels, blasting away at all sorts of creepy crawlies. There are very few iPad apps that have you doing both at the same time. Rage HD for iPad is one of those games that does that and more. Because of this, it’s one of the funnest games out there right now.

Part of the reason that Rage HD for iPad is so entertaining is because unlike a lot of the other Zombie shooting games you don’t have to worry about moving around in this one. The computer will have you zooming through the map automatically. Your only responsibility is to shoot as many circus freak looking villains as you can. Where exactly does the game show come into play you ask? Rage HD is supposed to be taking place in a futuristic wasteland where you are a game show contestant. The point of the game is to shoot as many as the enemy as possible, while ALSO shooting bags of money and bulls-eyes placed surreptitiously throughout the map.

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Rage HD for iPad is Just Good Ole Mutant Shooting Fun 2    Rage HD for iPad is Just Good Ole Mutant Shooting Fun 3

If you can get through certain levels you will be able to equip yourself better to take on the next stage of the show. The graphics for Rage HD are top notch and the game has the look and feel of a console FPS. The $1.99 price tag doesn’t hurt matters either.

App Store: $1.99


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