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August 29th, 2011 at 1:27 PM EST | by

Logitech Releases iPad 2 Accessories

There have been a myriad of companies releasing all kinds of accessories for the iPad and it appears that Logitech finally has leaped into the fray. While there are plenty of accessories with varying degrees of usefulness, one area where a company will be hard pressed to go wrong is with a keyboard. Logitech’s fold-up keyboard for iPad appears as though it is a higher end accessory that has its own stand and charges using a regular USB cable. Best of all the keyboard is made to be able to interact with the iPad’s smart cover without there being any real clashing between the two accessories.

Logitech’s other big new device is certainly useful, though may seem as though iPad users have seen it before. As Mike over at the TUAW blog rightfully points out; the suction cup joystick they have just released looks an awful lot like the same thing that Ten One released with the Fling joystick. Both joysticks are incredibly helpful when playing an app that actually uses a digital joystick because it suction cups right onto the iPad’s screen and allows a user to have a more tactile interface when playing certain games.

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Perhaps Logitech believes that their name alone will make people forget that they are basically releasing a product that is already available. Perhaps there simply isn’t much to improve upon in the basic design of the Fling mini joystick. The Logitech joystick is currently selling for $19.95 a piece while the keyboard retails for $130.


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