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May 5th, 2010 at 5:36 PM EST | by

iPad Can Help The HandicappedMy 22-year-old son, Kevin, is both physically and mentally handicapped. He’s a lover of technology, and has an iPod Classic, and an iPod Touch, and uses our iMac daily. The company that provides him with employment training has just applied for a grant to purchase 22 iPads for clients with various needs. I offered to do some research on apps that could be used for those with mental and developmental issues.

For Kevin’s purposes, the Calendar app will be a benefit, providing him with reminders through his day. The Notes app, or a similar journaling app, will also help.

Beyond that I’m looking for some help from the greater world of iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad users. For instance, Kevin’s workday (at this point) is primarily job training, and he needs to memorize and recall certain pieces of information, such as his phone number (he got that one last month!), address (still working on it), and such things. A flashcard program would be ideal, especially one that is simple to use. Simplicity is the key – just calling my cell phone can be a challenge.

A basic database program like Bento might be helpful as well; are there any others that people have used?

I also think that a program that steps through response to emergencies would be fantastic – fire, power outages, sickness, personal safety, etc.

The apps probably fall into two categories: Learning applications to help with memorization, and Supplemental applications that allow Kevin (and others) to bypass memorization.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone with thoughts on this, or from those who are also interested in identifying apps that would make the iPad a tool for the mentally handicapped.


Gregory Lawhorn

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