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June 2nd, 2011 at 3:20 PM EST | by

Day and Date Release of Digital DC Comics on the iPad Coming Soon

One of the cooler uses for the iPad since its release has been as a full color eBook reader before there really were all that many full color eBook readers on the market. Some of the first batches of iPad apps that were available way back in April of 2010 were digital comic book apps from some of the top comic book producers in the market. Marvel and DC Comics, as well as indie comic book producers like Dark Horse, have been combining for well over a year now to bring comic book addicts their drug of choice in digital form.

Of course one of the neatest features of these iPad apps is that they allowed the comics aficionado the ability to read long ago printed copies of their favorite heroes including such long ago issues as Marvel’s first ever Captain America books as well as the first Batman and Superman issues. One drawback to this digital delivery system was that it became a bit harder to keep up with current storylines because the digital copies were so far behind the paper copies. Over the last year some of these digital comic apps have started to realize they are missing out on revenue by not offering the newer issues at a faster pace and Comixology specifically has worked hard at getting some of their more popular indie comics – such as “The Walking Dead” – out the exact same time as the paper copies hit the shelves. Earlier this week, DC Comics joined the fray as they announced that they will begin release all of their comics – not just a select few as the other companies have done – on the same day and date as the hard copies.

Day and Date Release of Digital DC Comics on the iPad Coming Soon 2    Day and Date Release of Digital DC Comics on the iPad Coming Soon 3

Unfortunately we do have to tell you that before you start popping champagne corks, there is one caveat. The actual releasing of the day and date digital copies is still a ways down the pike. DC Comics has announced that in August, they will be releasing the culmination issue of their superhero universe changing “Flashpoint” on the 31st. While this was originally going to be the only digital issue they released that day, the company has announced that the latest issue of the new “Justice League” will be released on the same day and from September on the company will be launching every digital issue alongside those that land in stores.


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Along with this massive shift in philosophy will be a vast renumbering effort that will allow users of the digital comics to better follow along in whatever storyline they find themselves enamored with. While not the first company to offer this service they were able to beat Marvel to the punch and have made a play that will most likely make their nemesis have to punch back. Of course this means that all digital comic book users will win in the end as there really is no drawback to the two biggest comics companies having to work harder at getting their product to the masses just a little quicker.

App Store: Free, individual comics range from free to $2.99


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