iPad News – January 2010

January 31, 2010
Why the iPad Matters

Why the iPad MattersThere have been a host of complaints about the iPad – it doesn’t do this, it doesn’t have that, why can’t it, I wish it would, it’s closed … Even Hitler was disappointed. All this misses the point.

The iPad represents a fundamental shift in the metaphors and language of "computing." Or rather it extends that shift that was tested first in our pockets with the iPhone, and brings it to our desks, our coffee tables … everywhere else. The iPad is a huge change.

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January 31, 2010
iPad price war begins: Macmillan off Kindle

MacmillanPublishing giant Macmillan said late Saturday that Amazon.com has pulled its e-book titles from being sold for the Kindle in a price war apparently sparked by Apple Inc.’s new iPad.

Macmillan, a unit of Germany’s Verlagsgruppe Georg von Holtzbrinck GmbH, made the announcement in an advertisement on publishing industry Web site PublishersMarketplace.com.

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January 30, 2010
The iPad shows that Apple and Google still have a relationship

The iPad shows that Apple and Google still have a relationshipIf you were worried about the demise of the Apple-Google business relationship, the iPad announcement gave you some reason to hope that there is still a lot of cooperation.

Recent reports have had Apple talking to Microsoft about adding their search engine and maps to the iPhone. Steve Jobs put that to rest, for at least the foreseeable future, by saying that the iPad used Google for its Maps application. In fact, Apple’s CEO was smitten with the way the iPad rendered Google’s maps application as well as the new high definition streetviews (which were indeed very cool).

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January 30, 2010
Apple: AT&T to be exclusive provider of 3G wireless access for iPad

Apple: AT&T to be exclusive provider of 3G wireless access for iPadContrary to widespread speculations that Apple might discontinue iPhone’s US exclusivity with the complaints-marred AT&T, Apple has actually doubled down on its exclusive deal with the carrier, recently revealing that AT&T will also be the sole provider of 3G wireless access for the forthcoming Internet-capable iPad.

Addressing analysts during a recent earnings call, John Stankey, AT&T Operations’ president and CEO, said that the January 27-unveiled Apple iPad is one of the new 7.2-enabled devices that will have connectivity on the AT&T network. Stankey further added that the AT&T network is a “natural fit” for the iPad tablet device.

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January 29, 2010
Apple Inside: the Significance of the IPad’s A4 Chip

Apple iPad can be a game-changer in many fieldsJust one day after the unveiling of the iPad, Apple’s long-rumored tablet has ruffled feathers and turned heads. With a familiar interface, Apple’s momentum, iTunes integration, and a price that the even non-geek can easily fall in love with, it has all the makings of a hit. But deep inside lies something even more revolutionary.

At the heart of the iPad lies a tiny sliver of silicon. A game changer within a game changer. That’s Apple’s A4, a system-on-a-chip (SoC) that reportedly combines a low-power CPU, a graphics processing unit (GPU), and other hardware, much of which is still confidential. What we do know is that it finds an almost ideal balance between battery life and speed, such that the iPad can animate and zip about at a pace that iPhone 3GS users could only dream of.

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January 29, 2010
Apple iPad can be a game-changer in many fields

Apple iPad can be a game-changer in many fieldsApple’s unveiling of the iPad tablet computer sent gadget geeks and technology pundits into overdrive, with some extolling the device and others lamenting its omissions.

But the news sent ripples well beyond the consumer electronics world, sparking the imagination of leaders in fields as diverse as health care, education, corporate information technology and art and music. The device also holds some hope for print media executives looking for new opportunities to sell their content.

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January 29, 2010
Apple’s iPad Changes the Landscape for App Makers

Apple's iPad Changes the Landscape for App MakersApple Inc.’s new iPad has the potential to be both a blessing and a curse to the growing ranks of companies that have developed more than 140,000 applications for the company’s iPhone.

Many developers, including game makers and media firms, say they are excited about the opportunity and say it will be relatively simple to adapt their small-screen programs for the iPad. But some are finding challenges in the tablet’s limitations.

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January 28, 2010
Early Look: iPad Has Familiar Feel to an iPhone User

iPad Has Familiar Feel to an iPhone UserWith its introduction of the iPad, Apple Inc. has created a big brother to the iPhone. But it may also have redefined the laptop.

On Wednesday, the company allowed journalists to spend a few minutes playing with the iPad after it was unveiled. The most surprising thing about the gadget was its familiarity: Anyone who has used an iPhone or iPod touch would be able to start using the iPad right away.

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January 28, 2010
IPad Screens May Be Made By LG, Innolux, ISuppli Says

iPad ScreensJan. 28 (Bloomberg) — Apple Inc. will “likely” use LG Display Co. and Innolux Display Corp. to supply liquid-crystal displays for its new iPad device, researcher ISuppli Corp. said.

The U.S. company will probably get LCDs for the iPad from three suppliers, according to an e-mailed report by ISuppli late yesterday. Displays on the iPad use the same touch-screen technology as Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch products, according to the El Segundo, California-based researcher.

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January 27, 2010
Apple Details First iPad Accessories

Ipad AccessoriesA gadget as svelte as the iPad needs to trim a few odds and ends to deliver that lightweight, streamlined form factor. And if you’d like to get the most out of your wunder-gadget (or oversized iPod Touch), you’ll be buying those odds and ends back piecemeal.

Apple’s iPad site doesn’t offer much information or release dates for the recently announced accessories, but expect the vibrant third-party market to step in and offer cheaper alternatives once the device is available.

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January 27, 2010
Apple reveals long-awaited multi-touch ‘iPad’ tablet device

Steve JobsCalling it "way better than a laptop, way better than a phone," Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled his company’s long-awaited iPad tablet-style multi-touch device Wednesday.

The device weighs just 1.5 pounds — lighter than any netbook, Jobs noted — and sports a 9.7-inch display. It also includes a 1GHz Apple-built ARM A4 processor which includes the CPU and graphics. "Everything is one chip, and it screams," Jobs said.

He also touted that device gets 10 hours battery life watching video, and has a one-month standby charge. It will come in capacities of 16GB to 64GB of flash storage.

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January 27, 2010
Tablet Day dawns for Apple

Shortly after 1 p.m. ET today, Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs is expected to step onto a stage in San Francisco and lift the veil on what may be the most anticipated tech product of the year.

Famous for its culture of secrecy about new gadgets, Apple has given few hints about what it will announce. Invitations to the event merely read, "Come see our latest creation."
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January 27, 2010
Apple iPad Pricing Leaked

A European retailer may have let slip one of the biggest secrets in technology over(where else?) Twitter. According to a tweet yesterday by Media Markt, the iPad will cost between 499 and 899 Euros (with and without a T-Mobile contract, respectively). That translates to a whopping US$703 to US$1268.
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January 27, 2010
Apple ‘iTablet’ details leaked by publishing boss on US TV – video

Steve Jobs of AppleHours ahead of Apple’s top secret product launch of what’s believed to be its revolutionary tablet computer, a publishing boss in America has spilled the beans about the product.

In an interview on American business network CNBC, the chairman of publishing giant McGraw-Hill has let slip a handful of previously unknown facts about the computer, which he refers to as the ‘tablet’ and the ‘tabloid’.
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January 27, 2010
Will ‘iTablet’ stir up gaming world?

NEW YORK – When Apple introduced the iPhone, it shook up the cellphone business, but it also changed the way people play video games. About a quarter of the 100,000 applications that you can download to the iPhone are games, ranging from the simple Doodle Jump to a version of Grand Theft Auto.

Now, with the looming launch of a tablet-style computer – already nicknamed the "iPhone on steroids," with a bigger screen that could have a place in the living room – Apple could pose an even tougher challenge to established players in the video game business.
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January 27, 2010
Apple iTablet: Tablet launch today, rumors!

iTablet RumorsFor all you gadget freaks, who have been eagerly awaiting the launch of the newest smart phone from the gadget churning stable of ‘Apple’, here’s some news.

As per the latest buzz, it would appear that the formal launch of the hotly anticipated Apple iTablet is slated for today, at a special Apple event in San Francisco.
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