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November 23rd, 2011 at 11:50 PM EST | by inu846W

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November 1st, 2011 at 1:55 PM EST | by inu846W

iPad Prototypes Varied with Screen Sizes

Since the untimely demise of Steve Jobs, little details about the inner workings of the most successful computer company in the world have been coming out in dribs and drabs. Among some of the most interesting tidbits is just how much different the iPad turned out to be than what the company originally expected. As we all know, Apple eventually decided on a 9.7” screen for the iPad, but when the device was in the development stage there were literally dozens of different sizes and aspect ratios being tossed around.

In Steve Jobs’ recently released biography, there is talk about how Jobs and Jonathan Ive finally arrived at the size and aspect ratio they did.

They had twenty models — all rounded rectangles, of course — in slightly varying sizes and aspect ratios. Ive laid them out on a table in the design studio, and in the afternoon, they would lift the velvet cloth hiding them and play with them. That’s how we nailed what the screen size was,” Ive said in the book.

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October 14th, 2011 at 11:16 AM EST | by inu846W

Facebook for iPad Finally Arrives

The long, long, long wait for the Facebook app for iPad is finally over. While there had been speculation for months that the Facebook app was ready to be released back in the spring, insiders were confused why the app was being held back. It appears that a fight between the most popular social networking site and the world’s most popular tablet company had been causing the delay. It also appears as though Facebook has finally backed down. At the heart of the fight was the usual dispute over the ability of Facebook to generate revenue through the iPad app. In the end, as has happened with companies like Barnes and Noble and Amazon, Apple got its way and any in-app purchases must be through the iTunes store, rather than through Facebook directly.

Facebook for iPad Finally Arrives 2

For its part, Facebook gets to come to the device that accounts for 97 percent of tablet Internet traffic. The iPad is so popular when it comes to mobile web browsing, that it is actually beating out the iPhone these days in traffic (48.6 percent to 42.6 percent.) The app itself allows for an very iPad specific interface, including the ability to swipe through photo albums. It also allows for the ability to chat with your friends much like you would on any other device. You can also play a full slate of Facebook games on the iPad and watch high resolution videos without being sent to another party’s website. The app is now available for free in the iTunes store.


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September 27th, 2011 at 9:25 AM EST | by inu846W

Facebook for iPad Developer Quits, But App Still May Be Released Soon

If you thought you were frustrated by how long it was taking to get an official Facebook app to the iPad, then imagine how frustrated the app developers were becoming. Most of those in the iPad sector have been hearing for a while now that the app has basically been ready but for a couple of tweaks. It appears that the Facebook for iPad app lead developer has become so frustrated with the holdup on a release that he has actually quit the project.

Jeff Verkoeyen recently left the development team to take a job with Google and wrote on his personal blog that the iPad app has been “feature ready” since May. He also said that the company (meaning Facebook, not Apple) was frustrating him because not only would they not give him a release date but they wouldn’t tell him why they were holding the app back. Verkoeyen later took down the part where he had blamed Facebook for the hold up, but of course before he could remove the incriminating post people had made screen grabs.

But in an article on Mashable, there’s talk of the Facebook for iPad app being released along side iOS 5 and iPhone 5 at the Apple Media event coming up on October 4th.

ZAGGmate for iPad

Facebook will launch its long-awaited iPad app at Apple’s iPhone 5 launch event on Oct. 4, Mashable has learned. In addition to the iPad app, Facebook is also expected to release a revamped version of its iPhone app and may unveil an HTML5-based mobile app marketplace.

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September 21st, 2011 at 9:37 AM EST | by inu846W

There is little doubt on Wall Street and Main Street that Apple’s iPad is doing brisk business. There is even less doubt inside the industry. A new study released by the research firm IDC continues to show just how strong the iPad has done on the global electronics market. Thanks in large part to the release of the iPad 2; Apple controlled 68 percent of the tablet market in the second quarter of 2011. Granted, Apple had plenty of control over the market before that. While that 68 percent was an increase, it was only a three percent up tick from the first quarter.

In the second quarter, Apple saw iPad shipments hit 9.3 million while Android actually saw a rather large slip in the second quarter. IDC believes that a bit of Android’s fall was due to RIM entering the tablet market, but that wasn’t the whole story. RIM captured just 4.9 percent of the market in the second quarter while Android saw its market share fall from 34 percent in the first quarter to 26.8 percent in the second quarter.

iTunes, App Store, iBookstore, and Mac App Store

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September 10th, 2011 at 1:04 PM EST | by inu846W

MyLine for iPad Brings Different Perspective to Facebook Viewing

There are plenty of different Facebook themed apps for the iPad but there is one that gives a different enough view it stands out from the crowd. While several of the Facebook apps for the iPad offer you the ability to interact with the social networking site, the MyLine for Facebook iPad app gives you the ability to see what has happened with your account over a long period of time.

MyLine Facebook app for the iPad gives you a look at what has been going on with both your own account and your friends in a sort of timeline. This allows you to better see exactly what people were talking about a month ago or a week ago or even an hour ago. There is the ability to look at different sections of the Facebook pages as well. You can see the statuses for all your friends or the pictures that they have posted. The app is actually free if you want to go with a very basic timeline that is only represented by the time you have had the app installed on your iPad. However, if you want to upgrade for $1.99, the app will go back and look at everything that has been done on your account since you first set it up on Facebook. Depending on how long you’ve had an account, this can be quite a walk down memory lane.

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