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October 14th, 2011 at 11:16 AM EST | by inu846W

Facebook for iPad Finally Arrives

The long, long, long wait for the Facebook app for iPad is finally over. While there had been speculation for months that the Facebook app was ready to be released back in the spring, insiders were confused why the app was being held back. It appears that a fight between the most popular social networking site and the world’s most popular tablet company had been causing the delay. It also appears as though Facebook has finally backed down. At the heart of the fight was the usual dispute over the ability of Facebook to generate revenue through the iPad app. In the end, as has happened with companies like Barnes and Noble and Amazon, Apple got its way and any in-app purchases must be through the iTunes store, rather than through Facebook directly.

Facebook for iPad Finally Arrives 2

For its part, Facebook gets to come to the device that accounts for 97 percent of tablet Internet traffic. The iPad is so popular when it comes to mobile web browsing, that it is actually beating out the iPhone these days in traffic (48.6 percent to 42.6 percent.) The app itself allows for an very iPad specific interface, including the ability to swipe through photo albums. It also allows for the ability to chat with your friends much like you would on any other device. You can also play a full slate of Facebook games on the iPad and watch high resolution videos without being sent to another party’s website. The app is now available for free in the iTunes store.


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October 11th, 2011 at 7:47 AM EST | by Oliver VanDervoort

The Man Behind iPad, Steve Jobs Passes Away

Just one day after Apple announced the release of the iPhone 4S as well as confirming iOS 5, the company had much sadder news to confirm.  The man who made Apple one of, if not the biggest consumer technology companies in the world had died.  

Steve Jobs served as Apple CEO through the company’s early beginnings during the inception of the Mac computer.  He was also considered the visionary who pushed the company to produce such one of a kind devices such as the iPod, iPhone and of course iPad. Numerous patents associated with these popular products were held by the CEO as well.
Jobs had fought a long battle with pancreatic cancer over the course of his life and at one point it was thought he had emerged the victor of that battle.  Jobs took a leave of absence a few years ago when he was first diagnosed but later returned and much like his company, seemed better than ever.  

A noted taskmaster and tireless worker, there were rumors that the cancer had returned earlier this year, yet Jobs remained at the helm apparently until his disease simply would no longer allow it.  He abruptly stepped down as the company’s CEO in late August of this year and handed the company over to Tim Cook.  While Cook lead the presentations in regards to the iPhone 4S as well as the iOS 5, Jobs absence was noted by many people.  The morning of the iOS 5 announcement, there were rumblings that Jobs wasn’t feeling well enough to attend.  Less than 24 hours after the new products had been rolled out, the force behind Apple had passed on.


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October 5th, 2011 at 8:25 AM EST | by Oliver VanDervoort

iOS 5 Bringing Exciting Changes to iPad

The long awaited Apple event has come and gone and now, instead of of speculating on what you might see, we now know what we are going to get.  When it comes to the iOS5 the features seems to be well worth the wait.  While several of the latest iOS updates have brought a little tweak here, or a little change there, iOS5 looks like it will truly change the way you use your iPad and iPad 2.  So what do we get with the iOS5 updates?  A ton of great stuff.
Notification Center
The Notification Center means that you can get all your notifications in one place.  No longer will you have to close one app, and open another to go from your calendar, to your task list to your email.  Swipe down on any screen and the Notification Center will pop up.  Here you can view your new emails, calendar reminders, task reminders, friend requests (we’ll get to that in a minute) and texts.  Yes you read that last word right …

iPhone 4S cases by OtterBox

One of the coolest features, and one I’m going to get a lot of mileage from is the ability to actually text from the iPad or the iPod Touch as long as you are connected to the internet (either WiFi or 3G.)  As long as you are texting someone else who has an iPhone, an iPad or an iPod, you can send and receive as many texts as you want.  With other iDevices iMessage works as a chat client, as you can see when the other person is responding before they’ve type out a message.  You can also include read receipts and can start talking from your iPod and finish the conversation on your iPad.

Social Network Integration
iOS5 will have much deeper social network integration in regards to Twitter and (in the near future) Facebook.  Right now Twitter is the main social networking service and if you sign into your Twitter account through the settings menu, you’ll never need to sign in again.  You can also tweet from photos, camera, Safari, YouTube, or Maps.  Quick and easy.
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October 4th, 2011 at 10:37 AM EST | by Oliver VanDervoort

New iPad App to Offer Broadcast Television Much Like Satellite TV

While the biggest news coming out of Apple’s announcement today is almost certainly going to be the iPhone 5 or the iPhone 4S there are some other announcements that could make almost as much noise in the long run. The iOS 5 might actually be bigger news when it comes to the number of people it will affect because this particular operating system will affect the iPhone, the iPod Touch and the iPad. There have already been a ton of rumors and substantiated claims when it comes to what will be offered when the newest Apple OS is announced and released and that still won’t be the biggest news coming out of today’s press conference. What could be the real news, the stuff that people will be talking about for months to come, could be what Apple is getting set to do with the iPad.

The iPad has long been able to let you watch television shows by downloading apps like Hulu or the ABC, or TBS and TNT apps. Even Netflix allows you to watch episodes of some of your favorite television shows. Of course, the drawback with all of these apps is that you aren’t going to be able to watch these shows when they are actually airing. If you want to catch a show like “Fringe” on Hulu, you are actually going to have to wait eight days to see it. Netflix adds new programs even slower and most of those shows are going to be a season or two behind broadcast television.

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If the rumors are true, Apple is getting set to change all of that, and will be taking on providers like DirecTV and Dish Network in the process. Tech blogger Robert Scoble let a couple of details he’s been hearing about today’s announcement slip. While some have been paying attention to the fact that Steve Jobs may be too sick to attend, others zeroed in on his reports that Apple will be releasing an app that would be able to stream live telelvision in the very near future. Scoble says that really for the first time, Apple will be taking advantage of its “Three Screen” (iPhone, iPad, Television) initiative.

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