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September 30th, 2010 at 10:03 AM EST | by inu846W

iPad App Roundup: Once Paid, Now FREE #7It’s Thursday, and that can mean only one thing…another edition of our "Once paid, now FREE" iPad app roundup.  These iPad apps once cost money to purchase, but now they’re free for the taking!  Please note that some apps may only be free for a short time.

Rocketeer HD $4.99 – Now FREE
Vanish Balls HD $0.99 – Now FREE
Frozen Bubble HD $0.99 – Now FREE
Tap Tap Bear Piano (Santa’s Christmas Village) $0.99 – Now FREE
Championship Checkers $0.99 – Now FREE
Master of Gomoku $0.99 – Now FREE
Monster Heads Tic Tac Toe HD $0.99 – Now FREE
Save Rabbit HD $1.99 – Now FREE
i-Claw$0.99 – Now FREE
Pee Careful HD $1.99 – Now FREE
DropZap $0.99 – Now FREE
FlipMemory $0.99 – Now FREE
Piffle’s ABC Book of Funny Animals $0.99 – Now FREE
Animal Tales $0.99 – Now FREE
Mother Goose’s Puzzle Pictures $0.99 – Now FREE

Weather Compass $0.99 – Now FREE

Big Fork Little Fork $0.99 – Now FREE

ScoreCenter XL (ESPN) $4.99 – Now FREE

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September 28th, 2010 at 5:51 PM EST | by inu846W

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How tech savvy is your internist? For Mac-loving doctors out there, a St. Louis-based company has come out with an electronic medical record specifically designed for the iPad.


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September 28th, 2010 at 11:40 AM EST | by inu846W

It looks like this iPad street musician may be using Seline HD to create music for people passing by. Last month we saw the first iPad Orchestra in action, using the Seline HD app.

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September 28th, 2010 at 7:18 AM EST | by inu846W

Brvsh: Stylus for iPad

The multi-touch iPad screen requires a special type of stylus for drawing, painting or sketching. There have been several available for the iPad, but none as fancy as the Brvsh Tablet Stylus.

This new business class tablet utensil comes with a comfortable, triangular barrel grip. Two color types are available, a chrome or gunmetal finish. There is also a pocket clip for easy carrying.

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September 27th, 2010 at 2:42 PM EST | by inu846W

Kids Learn Letters with Little Sky Writers AppHere’s another iPad app to make learning the alphabet easier and more fun for kids. Little Sky Writers, from DANO2, lets you trace lowercase and uppercase letters by way of a sky-writing airplane. A comical voice follows you through the alphabet, suggesting words that begin with the current letter you’re tracing as well as sounding out each letter. The plane is moved around the letter by placing your finger on it and following the white line path already laid out.

Little Sky Writers for iPad

Once starting the app there are three different planes to choose from. There are also three difficulty levels to choose, offering varying degrees of distance allowed from the specified letter path. On the hardest difficulty setting, straying from the path sends the airplane back to its starting point. The other two levels let you stray from the path without needing to start over. Each letter page comes with a lowercase/uppercase switch, sound control, and ability to choose from any letter in the alphabet.

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September 27th, 2010 at 1:55 PM EST | by inu846W

Text-to-Speech on iPadOne feature of the iPad many people don’t realize is available to them free of charge is text-to-speech. Once enabled, a woman’s voice reads any text that is viewed on your iPad screen. Now you can easily get information on a website page without reading, or have a book read to you. Follow these instructions to quickly enable and disable the text-to-speech feature as needed.


1. Open your “Settings” app
2. Click “General Settings”
3. Scroll down and click “Accessibility”
4. Click “Tripple Click Home” to turn it on
5. Click “Toggle VoiceOver”
6. Go to a website page or book on your iPad
7. Tap on the first sentence you would like read out loud
8. Then with two fingers, swipe downwards
9. Click the home button 3 times to turn off text-to-speech feature, 3 more times to turn back on

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